This has nothing to do with asians.



From pittsburgh.

So today,

Someone asked me, “Who the fuck is Steve Jobs?”

I replied with a simple story.

"Steve Jobs was one of the men who discovered an apple. An apple that would someday change the world. They found a Macintosh Apple and it was delicious. It was so good that he invested in them to share with the world. Soon enough there was so much demand that he had to expand his orchards globally. His revenue skyrocketed as his empire grew world wide. Then, one day, someone had a surprise for him. They didnt like how rich, popular, and famous he was. So they decided to poison several of his apples. On that very day, Steve just so happened to test those apples and ended up slowly dying from it. It ate away at him from the inside. As a cancer of sorts. And on October 5, 2011, he died. Although he passed away, his legacy continues. The end"


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