Asian = Awesomeness

This has nothing to do with asians. or being awesome. being asian is just awesome lol. but this is just probably going to be a bunch of random shit :D Nukka prease.

starbucks <3

i have an unhealthy obsession for falling in love with girls that work at starbucks…. >.<


Recently I’ve discovered that a girl I loved in highschool has unblocked me… Long story… But I get this urge to send her a friend request. I’m not sure if I should. It’s been 5 years… Wtf do I do?


Although we’ve agreed to be friends, there are times when I just want to pull her in and kiss the fuck out of her pretty little face. ^.^


Running away to nowhere. Alone in a crowd. Full of nothing. Wanting everything. Hiding in plain sight. Loud silence. Whispered yelling.

Not sure

How to feel or what to feel?
Do I even feel anymore?
It’s at that point where I just feel numb to the world.